About Us

When it all began…

Copter Shop Ireland was started by Damien Doyle. Damien had been working in the security industry for 15 years as a project engineer designing and installing security systems for AIB, Bank of Ireland, Royal Bank of Scotland, NTMA and may more until his wife Helen bought him a drone for Christmas. With his wife and friends a memeber of An Garda Síochána he researched into how drones could benifit emergency services to help save lifes. With this in mind in 2013 Copter Shop Ireland was started up.

 In a very short space of time Copter Shop Ireland became the 1st official DJI dealer in Ireland for many years. Damien then got involved in the Drone & Data Conferance trying to promote the use of drones in Ireland and started travelling to the USA to encorage companies to invest in Ireland. During the 2016 Drone & Data Conferance Copter Shop Ireland decided to promote and sponcer in full Ireland's first conferance in relation to Search & Rescue, 

"there are so many uses for drones in the world, we use them for photography and cinetography but I know we can use them for more and Search & Rescue is a prime example of how we can use them to save lives"

Damien Doyle

Over the last couple of year Copter Shop Ireland has been involved in projects around the local community by showing the good use of drones, we are also honored to have being involved in projects like the EENA 112 throught DJI for the last two years.